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Bosch Rexroth Frequency Inverters

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BEGE Integrated Drive Systems

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We supply high quality gear motors  from several 
manufacturers a.o. BEGE - STRÖTER - ATEK - STM

BEGE / STRÖTER helical and bevel gear motors

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Our stainless steel drives are especially developed for the food- and beverage industry, pharmeutical industry and permentantly wet environments.

The best in stainless steel

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The new standard in industrial automation with applications in speed control, position- and dosing drives, torque control and digital synchronization schemes.

MIG NOVA+ Encoders

Your drive, our (trans)mission

Your partner in drive solutions

As an unique Dutch manufacturer of mechanical drives and MIG encoders, BEGE Power Transmission provides a wide range of power transmission products. Our customers make use of our wide range and large stock of customer specific products and solutions.

MIG NOVA+ Encoders

The new standard in industrial automation

The MIG NOVA+ is an incremental magnetic pulse generator with extremely high signal quality and high-quality processing. The MIG pulse generator is compatible with virtually all types of controls and is the perfect solution for optimizing existing drives.


Areas of application:

  • Precise speed control
  • Position- and dosing drives
  • Torque control
  • Digital synchronization schemes

Stainless Steel Gear Motors – Always a clean solution

The stainless steel (INOX) gear motors of BEGE / STRÖTER are particularly suitable for extremely moist applications. These drives ensure a perfect solution for conveyor systems, hygienic applications or intralogistics in the food- and beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry and permantly wet environments.

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Comprehensive product range – Representative of manufacturers in drive technology

BEGE represents renowned manufacturers in drive technology to complement our own product series.

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