Vibration motors are widely used in the chemical-, packing-, recycle- and mining-industry. The vibration motors are ATEX and CSA certified and largely available from stock.

Venanzetti Vibration Motors - Excellent quality


Vibration Motors

Protection classIP66
Insulation classF (155°C)
Spanning3-phase 230 – 400V 50 Hz
Protection classIP66 (Standard)
Voltage3-phase 230 – 400V 50 Hz
3-phase 42 tot 690V 50/60 Hz (2-4-6 en 8 polig)
Maximum voltage600 V
Temperature classT3C
CSA certificate number216103
Insulation classF (135°C)
Protection classIP65
Voltage VV000N/21-phase 220 – 240V 50/60 Hz